Heatmaster MF20000e


The largest unit we make is ready for anything. Four sets of feeds on the back make it a natural to heat multiple structures with ease.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

A Very Rugged Outdoor Multi-Fuel Furnace 

  • 409 Stainless Steel – Titanium enhanced and corrosion resistant, it is the only product that can provide the right blend of longevity, heat transfer and other critical traits that meet the HeatMasterSS standard of excellence.
  • Heatmasterss warranty – We back each furnace with our best-in-industry Lifetime Limited Warranty which is twice as long as the leading mild steel competitor. It confirms our confidence in our products.
  • Powder coat finish – Far more durable than paint and environmentally friendly.
  • Rounded firebox – The rounded design gives the firebox more strength with fewer welds, reducing the risks of cracks and leaks. The deep firebox of the MF eSeries also works particularly well for coal burning.
  • ISO 9001 Certified – HeatMasterSS furnaces are built to the very highest manufacturing standards, employing top notch design and engineering.
  • Heavy duty multi-layer insulation

Easy for You

  • Shaker grates and removable ash pan make cleaning a breeze. Just shake the grates and pull out the ash pan to remove ash.
  • The forced air fan pushes air through the grates at the bottom of the firebox, ideal for wood and coal burning and fast heat recovery.
  • Easy access hinged rear door – The insulated rear door is built with a unique hinge design which allows for easy access to the rear of the furnace and quick and easy removal of the door if required without the use of tools or hardware.
  • Safe easy-to-use dual firebox door latch – Our carefully designed latch catches the door so it doesn’t swing completely open and expose the user to excessive heat.
  • Multi-fuel capability gives you flexibility in what you choose to burn in your furnace.

What does it mean for you? A more comfortable outdoor furnace experience.

High Efficiency 

Although the grated design creates a very high firebox temperature, the triple heat exchange pass flue dumps this heat into the water jacket before the exhaust exits the furnace. This reduces fuel consumption by 20-30% and eliminates spark or flame from the chimney. This baffle system was also designed to minimize ash buildup, saving you time and effort.


(W” x L” x H”)

52 x 60 x 52

Firebox Door
(W” x H”)

42 x 30

Water Capacity
(US Gallons)


Approximate BTUs


(W” x L” x H”)

82 x 98 x 100

Approx. Heating Space

20,000 sq. ft.*

Great Financing Available

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